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Enjoy a systematic, intuitive and engaging learning journey shared by veteran professional traders
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Eliminate bad trading habits and fear from the market. Rapidly improve your trading knowledge and analytical ability. Recognize at a glance when a risk is good or bad from the chart. Be methodological and steadfast.

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The key to higher learning is the willingness to share knowledge with like minded individuals. Enjoy valuable feedback and surround yourself with fellow Superseeders who want only the best for the community. Coffee is on us!

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Track your progression and identify the challenges that you face with our trading mentors. Chart the hurdle and mental barrier that you wish to overcome and stay accountable for it. Compete, strive and attain your goal.


With so many trading schools out there today, we know that you have more choice than ever. However give yourself a chance to find out what is best suited for your personality. Find out how at Superseed Traders, we can grow, nurture and bloom your trading potential to the next level.

Trading Experience

Our trading mentors are trained by top financial and proprietary institutions where all they do is eat, sleep and think of trading. Discover your own potential.

Keeping Track

Stay accountable of your progress. Receive positive learning outcome to inch closer to your goal with our supportive trading mentors.

Beginner Traders

Worried that you are not able to catch up with your peers because you do not have the necessary experience? Beginners are actually the best learners. Start off with the right foundation!

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Take your trading to the next level with new advanced knowledge, tools and strategies. Breakthrough the barrier that make you inconsistent in the market.

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