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Superseed Traders is founded by the trio of Brylnel, Jeriel and Kai Wei, who have a different trading background from the Institutional, Proprietary and Education industry; where they come together to develop a robust and dynamic trading framework that is rigorously tested and traded on a daily basis.

To put it bluntly, we are very disturbed of seeing trading education taught by trading “experts” that does everything except trading themselves. At SuperSeed Trading, the core syllabus is developed based on market experience that is taught by top trading institutions and proprietary firms. We can always be found on our trading desk looking at new trading set ups.

We want to provide a nurturing environment where you have the opportunity to learn a concise framework with proven trading strategies from a group of mentors that is able to lead and pace you according to your trading goals. Receive guidance on trading setups that you have made and understand better how it can be further capitalize on. Progress and supersede your trading expectations with our like minded community members.

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