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Find out how you can improve your performance from trading in the market. Learn from a structured and proven framework tutored by trading mentors with over 30 years of professional experience.

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Learn from a proven and tested proprietary day trading strategy that is aimed to teach you how to analyze and time your trades in any stock market. Opportunities are aplenty on the shortest time frame. Capture your intended target profit daily without worrying about overnight catastrophic news occurring.
Understand the dynamics of how each investment instrument can be structured accordingly to your needs. Explore the type of defensive stocks that can yield a good return coupled with option strategies that can help to secure valuable premiums in the market.
Continue your current lifestyle without sacrificing rigorous screen time that is demanded from practicing Day Trading. Understand the big picture and the trend of the stock market to time your entry for a medium to long term time frame.
Learn how to automate your trading strategies without the fear of missing out when you are not at the trading desk. Understand the market internals and the tools that can be used to prepare, validate, stress-test and finalize your result. Qualify and capitalize your algorithm to the last detail.
The volatility of the market is driven by both fundamental and technical catalyst. In order to become an elite trader, we will need to understand how the impact of global economic news, political and financial events can co-relate with price action found in a chart and the type of strategies we can use to entail such opportunities.
Based on cutting-edge psychological research, we believe that a trader's performance is as good as his mental state. As trader ourselves, we understand the psychological pitfalls that is unique only to trading. Learn to overcome your fear and enter into the state of mindfulness and elevate your performance in trading.